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This website is archived

In 2023, I overhauled my website entirely. However, for communicative and technical reasons, I have not deleted my old website. This was last updated in 2022, and will not be updated further. If you are specifically looking for my old Wix website, this website has been left 'as-is', If you are not, please click the button below to visit the latest version of my website.

Hi, my name is george

I'm a full time student with the University of Winchester, and I've been providing one to one private tuition lessons for over two years. I work primarily on Zoom, Teams and Google Meet, although I also love the opportunity to work face-to-face with children either in Winchester or when I return to my non-termtime address in Central London. I would love the opportunity to discuss your child's needs with you to see whether my services could support their learning.

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